Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook

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Written by a team of experts, the Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook provides a detailed technical reference of all aspects of loudspeakers and headphones: from theory and construction of transducer drive units and enclosures, to such practical matters as construction, applications in rooms, public address, sound reinforcement, studio monitoring and musical instruments. Loudspeaker measurements and subjective evaluation are treated in equal detail and headphones are discussed comprehensively.
This third edition takes account of recent significant advances in technology, including:
. the latest computer-aided design systems
. digital audio processing
. new research procedures
. the full range of loudspeakers
. new user applications. An essential reference source for anyone involved in the audio industry Contains information not easily available from any other source Covers all aspects of digital signal processing


Principles of sound radiation; Transducer drive mechanisms; Electrostatic loudspeakers; The distributed mode loudspeaker (DML); Multiple driver loudspeaker systems; The amplifier/loudspeaker interface; Loudspeaker enclosures; The room environment: basic theory; The room environment: problems and solutions; Sound reinforcement and public address; Loudspeakers for studio monitoring and musical instruments; Loudspeaker measurements; Subjective evaluation; Headphones; International standards; Terminology


"If you are seriously into speaker design then it is worth getting a copy to have everything you'd need in one place." - Lighting and Sound International 'The third edition continues its authoritative tradition with a lineup of star contributors including Keith Holland, John Watkinson, Philip Newell and is edited by John Borwick. It covers propular practice and technical theory in a variety of contexts including sound studios and sound reinforcement, and is rich in graphs, figures, illlustrations and photographs.' Studio Sound June 2001 Reviews of previous editions: 'This book brings together in a single volume every aspect of loudspeaker and headphone theory and practice in sufficient depth to equip students and practitioners alike with a solid working knowledge of the subject.' Lighting and Sound International 'As a single reference work, no engineer or keen enthusiast should be without a copy.' Hi Fi World 'If you're interested in this subject area, The Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook will give you a lot of fascinating information which is not available anywhere else. It should be a part of your library.' Sound and Communications
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