Financial Analyst's Indispensible Pocket Guide

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November 2000



Financial Analyst's Indispensable Pocketguide is the first reference to give the more than 20,000 candidates who take AIMR-administered CFA exams annually--and the 60,000-plus CFAs and finance professionals who currently practice investment management--a single broad-based resource for specific terminology and information. Much more than just a dictionary, this dynamic book explains and expands upon the fundamental concepts that comprise a financial analyst's lexicon.Within each section, Ramesh arranges fundamental terms alphabetically, then provides CFA-related tips and profiles of industry leaders. Key topics include:
*Timeless tips for CFA candidates and practitioners
*Graphics and mnemonics to help with important concepts
*Derivatives, equity valuation, and portfolio management


<H3> Behavioral Finance.<H3> Derivatives.<H3> Economics.<H3> Equities.<H3> Ethics.<H3> Financial Statement Analysis.<H3> Fixed Income.<H3> Portfolio Management.<H3> Quantitative Techniques.<H3> Real Estate Investments.


Ram Ramesh, MBA, CFA, (Jamaica) is portfolio manager for Jamaica Money Market Brokers. Previously with CitiCorp and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Ramesh is a visiting faculty member at management institutes in both Jamaica and India. He is a frequent contributor to The Financial Gleaner - Jamaica's largest and oldest daily newspaper - and appears regularly as a financial commentator on both television and radio.
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