The Challenge of English in the National Curriculum

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Juli 1995



The Challenge of English in the National Curriculum considers how particular aspects of a national curriculum can be reconciled with the best practice of the English teaching tradition. The authors are all practising teachers who look at the lessons of the past as well as their hopes for the future. Each chapter begins from a question raised by teachers when asked at in-service workshops about the issues which concerned them most. The chapters cover most of the more significant aspects of English within the National Curriculum and vary from John Johnson's survey of practical ways to raise the standard of oracy to Nick Peim's suggestions for coping with Key Stage 4 which leads him to a radical questioning of the whole nature of English as a curriculum subject.


Introduction: Whose Curriculum? 1. Can we raise the standard of speaking and listening? 2. What is a reading curriculum? 3. How do we teach pre-twentieth century curriculum? 4. What is the range of writing? 5. Can we assess and keep sane? 6. How do we teach grammar? 7. How do we teach Shakespeare? 8. What use are the new technologies? 9. What is left of drama and the media? 10. Key Stage 4: back to the future?
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