New Managerialism, New Welfare

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September 2000



New Managerialism, New Welfare is a carefully integrated textbook that explores the continuing restructuring of the state and social welfare in the United Kingdom. It combines studies of specific policy areas - such as health, education, criminal justice, local government - with chapters that examine cross-cutting themes and developments. The book provides a thorough and critical reflection on New Labour's vision of the past and future of social welfare and public services in the construction of a `modern society'.


Reinventing the Welfare State - John Clarke, Sharon Gewirtz and Eugene McLaughlin
Managerialism and Public Service - Norman Flynn
Some International Trends
Beyond the New Public Management? - Janet Newman
Modernizing Public Services
Entrepreneurial Governance and Public Management - Paul du Gay
The Anti-Bureaucrats
Unpacking Partnership - Tom Ling
The Case of Health Care
Health Care - Lynne Poole
New Labour's NHS
Local Government - Allan Cochrane
Magerialism and Modernization
Social Housing - Roberta Woods
Managing Multiple Pressures
Social Services - Mary Langan
Managing the Third Way
The Criminal Justice System - Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie
New Labour's New Partnership
Leisure - Alan Clarke
Managerialism and Public Space
Modernizing Managerialism in Education - Ross Fergusson
Education - Jenny Ozga
New Labour, New Teachers
Managing Performance Through Pay - Barbara Waine
Guarding the Public Interest? - John Clarke, Sharon Gewirtz, Gordon Hughes and Jill Humphrey
Auditing Public Services


Eugene McLaughlin is Professor of Criminology at City University and is one of the UK's foremost authorities in the study of policing.


`The editors have assembled an original collection of papers from leading academics in social policy...in exploring the nature of New Labour's modernisation project and vision of welfare, it will be extremely relevant to a much wider audience, including students, welfare practitioners and managers' - British Journal of Social Work
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