The Narrative Reader

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The Narrative Reader aims to provide a comprehensive survey of narrative theories ranging from Plato to Post-Structuralism. The selection of texts is bold and broad, demonstrating the extent to which narrative permeates the entire field of literature and culture. It shows the ways in which narrative crosses disciplines, continents and theoretical perspectives and is a long overdue and welcome addition to the field. The Narrative Reader will fascinate students and researchers alike, providing a much needed point of entry to the increasingly complex field of narrative theory.


Acknowledgements. How to Use This Book: Introduction. Part 1. Chapter 1. Form and Discourse. Chapter 2. Structuralism. Chapter 3. Post-Narratology. Part 2. Chapter 4. Psychoanalysis. Chapter 5. Sexual Difference. Chapter 6. Deconstruction. Chapter 7. Phenomenology. Chapter 8. History. Chapter 9. Race. Part 3. A Glossary of Narrative Terms. A Checklist of Narrative Theories.


Martin McQuillan is Lecturer in English at Staffordshire University.


"McQuillan's introduction on what is narrative is excellent, as are the very useful glossary and bibliography. Excellent for students or scholars."
-Religious Studies Review
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