More Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

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April 2001



Picking up where his bestseller "201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions" left off, DeLuca takes job seekers to the next level of job-search effectiveness by arming them with more valuable lessons, tips and rules for acing any interview.


<H2> Introduction: Why Do You Need This Book?<H3> Chapter 1: What Is an Interview and Why Is It as Important as Ever?<H3> Chapter 2: How to Get Interviews.<H3> Chapter 3: Technology, the Interview, and You.<H3> Chapter 4: What Hasn't Changed?<H3> Chapter 5: What Is New in the Workplace?<H3> Chapter 6: Self-Assessment.<H3> Chapter 7: Getting Ready for the Interview.<H3> Chapter 8: Back to Basics: Understanding the Interview Process.<H3> Chapter 9: Interview Problems.<H3> Chapter 10: First-Time Job Seeker.<H3> Chapter 11: Out of the Loop: Unemployed for More than 1 Year.<H3> Chapter 12: You Need a Story.<H3> Chapter 13: Over 50? "I Am Not that Old"<H3> Chapter 14: You Have the Floor.<H3> Chapter 15: Following Up After the Interviews.<H3> Chapter 16: Offers and Negotiations.<H3> Chapter 17: Epilogue.


Matthew J. DeLuca is president of Management Resource Group, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in professional placement, training, and outplacement. He is also director of Human Resources for Titan Sports, Inc. He has written several books for job seekers, and he conducts frequent workshops on careers for several universities.
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