Augustine: A Very Short Introduction

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Februar 2001



Augustine was arguably the greatest early Christian philosopher. His teachings had a profound effect on Medieval scholarship, Renaissance humanism, and the religious controversies of both the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation. Here, Henry Chadwick places Augustine in his philosophical and religious context and traces the history of his influence on Western thought, both within and beyond the Christian tradition. A handy account to one of the greatest religious thinkers, this Very Short Introduction is both a useful guide for the one who seeks to know Augustine and a fine companion for the one who wishes to know him better.


List of illustrations ;
1. The formation of Augustine's mind: Cicero, Mani, Plato, Christ ;
2. Liberal arts ;
3. Free choice ;
4. A philosophical society ;
5. Vocation ;
6. Confessions ;
7. Unity and division ;
8. Creation and the Trinity ;
9. City of God ;
10. Nature and grace ; Further reading ; Index


Henry Chadwick, formerly Regius Professor Emeritus of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. Among his other books are Early Christian Thought and the Classical Tradition, Priscillian of Avila, and Boethius: The Consolations of Music, Logic, Theology, and Philosophy (all published by OUP). He has also published an annotated translation of Augustine's Confessions (Oxford World's Classics), and, with his brother Owen, is General Editor of the Oxford History of theChristian Church.


"The ten chapters of this volume discuss Augustine's views of free choice, vocation, creation, and other societal questions, while it also reveals biographical facts of the sage's life."--Worship and Arts
"The book is a marvel of comprehension achieved without a loss of clarity. As a connected account of Augustine, the thinker, it will doubtless stand as among the most popular which now exist."--International Philosophical Quarterly
"I do not know of any other summary of the mind of Augustine which serves the reader so well."--History: Reviews of New Books
"The best brief introduction to Augustine's context and thought for the beginning undergraduate. Excellent for history, philosophy, and religion courses--clear, elegant, thorough."--Robert I. Burns, University of California, Los Angeles
"All the main thought elements of Augustine set in the attracively told narrative of a fascinating life."--John J. Glanville, San Francisco State University
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