European Gastronomy into the 21st Century

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Juli 2001



Gastronomy is the art and science of good eating and drinking: a concept that extends outwards to embrace wider notions of tradition, culture, society and civilisation. This book examines the development and origins of European food traditions within social, economic and geographical contexts.


Introducing gastronomy - What is gastronomy?; The status of gastronomy in society; Major means by which gastronomic knowledge is disseminated; Determinants of European gastronomy; Approaches to the study of gastronomy; Developing the skills of gastronomic exploration; Summary; The development of gastronomy in Europe - A brief history of early European gastronomy; Medieval and renaissance cuisine and the rise of France; The fountain of gastronomy; The genesis of a grand cuisine: the 17th and 18th centuries; The enlightened 18th century; European gastronomy: the founding fathers; The genesis multiplication and acculturation of the restaurant; Demand to be self-consciously modern and avant guard; The 19th century: the golden age; The 20th century; Cuisines nouvelle; Summary; Modern European gastronomy - Diversity and development; The birth of a collection: paradigm of contemporary culinary refinement; Concept cuisines: impetus for market reinvigoration; The advance of fusion cuisine; A harmonious union: food and wine; The changing nature of dining; Gastronomic philosophy: meaning and symbolism in gastronomy; The apex of the hospitality industry; Summary; Contributors to the development of modern cuisine and gastronomy - Escoffier's legacy; Fernand point: father of modern gastronomy; Profiles of the key modern contributors; The distinguishing characteristics of the key contributors; Summary; Into the 21st century - Influences on cuisine; The status of the chef in society; Design, vision and leadership; Entreprenerialism; Gastrosophy: the new science?; Summary; Appendices - Bibliography; Glossary of terms; People named in the text; Trade, professional and gastronomic contacts.


He has over twenty five years' industry experience, which includes a variety of senior chef positions, and is currently responsible for the food and beverage curriculum and food and beverage training operations at the Hotel School. He is a member of various professional associations within the industry, and is former head of La Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs in Scotland.


"...provides underpinning knowledge of what is after all a complex and multifaceted subject...this book fills a niche that makes it essential reading for a range of students in further and higher education and it will certainly be a recommended text for my students." Hospitality Review "European gastronomy provides the underpinning knowledge and an excellent starting point for further study of a complex and multi-faceted subject...This book fills a niche that makes it essential reading for a range of students in further and higher education and it will certainly be a recommended text for my students." Joachim Schafheitle School of Service Industries, Bournemouth University "...a welcome addition to the many publications that have been written on the various contexts of the hospitality industry. The writing style is pitched to appeal to all levels of understanding and does not require prior expert knowledge of the subject area. "Gillespie's book is an important addition... It provides a valuable insight into the modern gastronomes environment, it suggests some of the directions this 'ill defined' area may take. Most importantly it generates a plethora of areas of reflection for all and offers a multitude of dissertation ideas for the undergraduate and graduate communities." Peter Pelham, Program Leader, Thames Valley University, UK
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