How Much Is Enough?: Endings in Psychotherapy and Counselling

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Dezember 1999



How Much is Enough? addresses this important question, looking at the reasons why therapy can go on for too long or can come to a destructively premature ending, and offering advice on how to avoid either, with a timely conclusion. Using vivid examples and practical guidelines, Lesley Murdin examines the theoretical, technical and ethical aspects of endings. She emphasises that it is not only the patient who needs to change if one is to achieve a satisfactory outcome. The therapist must discover the changes in him/herself which are needed to enable an ending in psychotherapy. How Much is Enough? is a unique contribution to therapeutic literature, and will prove invaluable to students and professionals alike.


1. What are we waiting for ? aims and outcomes 2. Happy endings: the goal of resolving transference 3. Dealing with ends 4. Staying alive: the patient's unilateral ending 5. Time to go: the therapists ending 6. What is truth 7. Ends and means: the ethics of illusions: narcissism and endings 8. Endgame: last sessions 9. In my beginning is my end: the time-limited solution 10. Endings in training and supervision.
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