Naval Warfare, 1815-1914

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November 2000



This book looks at the transition of wooden sailing fleets to the modern steel navy. It details the technological breakthroughs that brought about this change -- steampower, armor, artillery and torpedoes, and looks at their affect on naval strategy and tactics.Part of the ever-growing and prestigious Warfare and History series, this book is a must for enthusiasts of military history. It sheds new light on less well-known wars that have been long over-looked.


"a useful and effective general history of the development and operations of the world's navies during the century prior to the First World War...a concise, well-written, and comprehensive treatment of international naval history."
-technology and culture, April 2002
"Sondhaus has done a commendable job of compressing a large and very complex subject in a straightforward and readable manner. "Naval Warfare, 1815-1914 is aimed principally at a general readership which will find it a succinct and entertaining overview of the period's developments and events: a judicious and, in spite of its brevity, impressively wide-ranging introduction to a crucial epoch. For that matter, few specialists are likely to be familiar with the entire breadth of Soundhaus' topical concerns. Most of them, too, will find much of value in its pages. --John Beeler, "International Journal of Maritime History."
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