The World Religions Reader

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The World Religions Reader gathers together material on six of the world's most influential faiths. The selection of readings is drawn from a broad range of historical and contemporary sources, giving a full picture of the beliefs and practices of each religion. This new edition includes new introductions to each religious tradition, an extensively revised section on Hinduism, and a completely new selection of readings on Buddhism.


1. JUDAISM: Passages from the Jewish Bible; From the Rabbinic Tradition; Different Voices from the Past; The Holocaust and Post-Holocaust Theology; Judaism and Israel; Torah and Covenant 2. CHRISTIANITY: Passages from the Christian Bible; The Church Fathers; The Churches: Their Life and Faith; Women's Voices and Feminist Theology; Christianity and Social Justice 3. ISLAM: From the Qur'an; The Beautiful Names; Hadith/Sunnah; Law in Islam; Muslim Mystics; Islam in the late Twentieth Century 4. HINDUISM: Village Hinduism; Hindu Patterns of Liberation; The Modern Period 5. BUDDHISM: From the Suttas and Vinaya of the Theravada Tradition; From the Mahayana Texts; Buddhist Practices; Recent and Contemporary Buddhist Concerns 6. SIKHISM: Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh; The Sikh Tradition; Khalistan and Sikh Identity; A Sikh Woman of the Nineties
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