Charles Darwin's Beagle Diary

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Dezember 2003



Here is a fascinating record of one of the most famous journeys ever made. This work constitutes an accurate historical document as well as an evocative travelog that conveys Charles Darwin's personal account of the voyage with freshness and immediacy.


List of illustrations; Introduction; Acknowledgements; Note on editorial policy; Principal sources of references; The Beagle Diary 1831-1836; Biographical register; Index.


Richard Darwin Keynes is Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the University of Cambridge, and fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. In parallel with research and teaching on physiology and biophysics, he has a long-standing interest in the voyage of the Beagle, and has also edited The Beagle Record (1979) and Charles Darwin's Zoology Notes and Specimen Lists from the H. M. S. Beagle (2000).


From the reviews: '... a record of his immediate feelings, the sea-sickness, the triumphs of his palaeontological finds, close shaves with General Rosas and military activity in Patagonia, drinking mate and smoking cigarilloes with the Gaucho, the stars glittering over the Andes ... vivid and expressive...' Janet Browne 'Besides being an intriguing read, this book is a source of information that is invaluable to any student whose interest strays into the Darwin saga.' Open History 'What emerges more strongly are the vicissitudes of long distance travel in the 1830s ... and a flavour of Darwin's own personality ... the book is highly recommended.' Paul Ashtron, Biologist
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