Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

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Januar 2001



The predecessor of this book, The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand enabled users to identify wild birds seen anywhere in the New Zealand region. That book was in two parts: the first section was an identification guide with colour plates and distribution maps, while the second section gave more detailed information on the biology and ecology of the species described. The Field Guide was 430 pages long and sold for Pds. 55 hardback and Pds. 27.50 paperback. The current book comprises the first section of the original Field Guide - plates, maps, and short descriptions - with an Introduction, a section on where to see the birds, and an index. A much smaller, cheaper book than the Field Guide, it will be attractive to a wider audience of less serious bird watchers as well as the more serious who want a more portable version.


Introduction ; Where to see birds in New Zealand ; Glossary ; Standard References ; Identification Guide; Plates, facing text and maps ; Index


"the standard indentification book for the birds of this wonderful country" Birding World
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