France Since 1945

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The last fifty years of French history have seen immense challenges for the French: constructing a new European order, building a modern economy, searching for a stable political system. It has also been a time of anxiety and doubt. The French have had to come to terms with the legacy of the German Occupation, the loss of Empire, the political and social implications of the influx of foreign immigrants, the rise of Islam, the destruction of rural life, and the threat of Anglo-American culture to French language and civilization.


(TO BE CONFIRMED) ; Introduction ;
1. Crisis of Empire ;
2. Crisis in the State ;
3. Echoes of the occupation ;
4. Thirty Glorious, Twenty Inglorious Years ;
5. The One and Indivisible Republic? ;
6. Cultural Revolutions ;
7. The Republic of the Centre ;
8. France in Search of a World Role ;
9. Conclusion: The Challenges Facing France


Robert Gildea is a Fellow and tutor in Modern History at Merton College, Oxford. He is the author of the acclaimed book Barricades and Borders.
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