Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide

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The Solaris operating system, along with related Sun products like
Java, is one of the most reliable and scalable platforms on which
to build e-commerce products, and on which to support all networked
services. Yet, one problem that potential users face is finding out
more information about what Solaris offers. In a sense, they want to
know how much technical work is involved in migrating to Solaris,
and what kind of philosophy Solaris is based on.
To answer these questions, Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide
covers all aspects of deploying Solaris as a network server, including
both basic and advanced network services. Given newfound interest in
Solaris as an enterprise network operating system, this guide is aimed
squarely at supporting enterprise-level services. It's written for
experienced network administrators who want an objective guide to
networking with Solaris, and covers installation on both the Intel
and Sparc platforms. With it, you will learn how to setup Solaris as
a file server, application server, and database server.
In its coverage of advanced topics, Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide
offers examples of configuration files and the installation of third-party
software packages. This comprehensive book also contains more conceptual
and difficult material that is absent from other Solaris reference manuals.
At all points, emphasis is placed on issues like evaluating the security,
scalability, and reliability of specific software packages--at the expense
of providing detailed coverage of every available package.
The book covers the practical experience and new skills needed to understand
the impact of new services and new software products on existing server systems.
Author Paul Watters--a recognized authority on Solaris--avoids so-called
"historical" services, like UUCP, which can easily fill chapters but are
not commonly found in today's production environments. Indeed, he doesn't
bother to provide an in-depth history of Solaris or UNIX at all, assuming
that you can find this material elsewhere. Instead, the practical focus is
on supporting relevant contemporary networking technologies.
Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide provides you with a third-party view
that not only praises Solaris, but is critical and realistic in its assessment.
This book is for experienced Solaris Administrators as well as and those looking
to migrate to this operating system.


Table of Contents Preface 1. The Network Is the Computer Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Solaris Releases Solaris Resources 2. Building Solaris Networks System Concepts Network Architectures Internet Protocols Using inetd Using snoop 3. Installing Solaris Pre-Installation Checklist Solaris Installations (SPARC) Solaris Installations (Intel) Preparing for Installation (SPARC) Preparing for Installation (Intel) Web Start Wizard Installation 4. Network Configuration Creating Networks and Subnets Configuring Network Interfaces Obtaining Network Statistics Routing 5. Naming Services Domains and Name Services Domain Name Service Network Information Service Network Information Service+ Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 6. Host Administration User Management Software Package Management Printer Management Quotas Installing Sendmail 7. File Serving Samba Network File System Servers NFS Performance Measurement 8. Data Management Data Management Principles Revision Control Tools Understanding Backups Selecting a Backup Media Backup and Restore Methods Backup/Restore Packages 9. Network Security Password Security Secure Shell Disabling IP Ports Packet Filtering Kerberos 5 IPsec SOCKS Internet Proxy MD5 10. Network Information Systems Understanding Web Information Systems Configuring a Web Server Running Servlets Writing Servlets CORBA Enterprise JavaBeans Installing a Database Server Index


Paul A. Watters PhD CITP, is Head of Data Services at the Medical Research Council's National Survey of Health and Development, which is the oldest of the British birth cohort studies. He is also an honorary senior research fellow at University College London. Dr. Watters is the project manager for the MRC's Data Access Project, and is presently investigating methods for securing investigator access to public health data in large-scale distributed systems in a challenging ethical and legal environment. He has an active research interest in the use of orthogonal and non-orthogonal methods for feature extraction in pattern recognition, especially in biometric applications.
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