The Ice Limit

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Juli 2001



A massive meteorite is discovered in Chile. A New York billionaire decides he must have it, setting off the most expensive, and secretive, salvage mission ever mounted. When a raging storm drives the expedition's tanker beyond the dangerous Antarctic latitude known as the Ice Limit, superstition, egos, and the unknown clash, risking the lives of everyone on board.


Douglas Preston worked for the American Museum of Natural History in New York as managing editor of Curator magazine. In 1989, he undertook a 1000 mile horseback journey with a photographer, retracing the Spanish explorer Coronado's search for the legendary Seven Cities of Gold-nearly perishing in the harsh deserts of southern Arizona and New Mexico. He has written a number of nonfiction books as well as several novels. Lincoln Child was an editor at St. Martin's Press when he met Douglas Preston and invited him to write a book about the American Museum of Natural History (Dinosaurs in the Attic). The two first collaborated on The Relic; their other titles include Mount Dragon and Reliquary.
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