Tracking Apollo to the Moon

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April 2001



This is perhaps the most complete, detailed and readable story of manned space-flight ever published. The text begins with the historical origins of the dream of walking on the Moon, covers the earliest Mercury and Gemini flights and then moves on to the end of the Apollo era. In readable, fascinating detail, Hamish Lindsay - who was directly involved in all three programs - chronicles mankind's greatest adventure with a great narrative, interviews, quotes and masses of photographs, including some previously unpublished. In addition to bringing the history of these missions to life the book serves as a detailed reference for space enthusiasts and students.


1 Origins.- 2 The Mercury Project.- 3 The Gemini Program.- 4 The Apollo Project.- 5 Apollo 11.- 6 Succession.- 7 Skylab - A Laboratory In Space.- 8 Apollo-Soyuz - The End Of The Apollo Era.- Appendix 1.- Appendix 2.- A Quiz.- References.- Index and Glossary.


"Hamish Lindsay has done a marvellous job of telling the story of manned space flight He has given his readers a sort of encyclopedia of the beginning of man's quest for flight into space. This is followed with a splendid description of the real time operations of all of the major missions. As one who lived through the Camelot period of space in the 60s and knows the trauma we all endured, I am greatly impressed with the detail and authenticity of the stories that Hamish so vividly tells. For example, as I read Hamish's account of the Apollo 11 and 13 missions, I could again imagine myself back in mission control reliving some of the finest moments of my life...Those of you who are fortunate to read Hamish Lindsay's account will be much richer for it."
NASA's First Flight Director and Retired Director of the NASA Johnson Space Center
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