Neurological Physiotherapy

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Neurological Physiotherapy, 2nd Edition aims to provide an improved understanding of problems commonly encountered by the therapist working with people with neurological disability. It describes aspects of posture and movement difficulties which may occur as a result of neurological damage and gives guidance to help the therapist to plan the appropriate treatment programme for each patient. Using a problem-solving approach the emphasis is on the identification of symptoms in relation to impairment and disability rather than on a detailed description of neurological conditions.


1. Problem solving in neurological physiotherapy - setting the scene Margaret J Mayston 2. Assessment, outcome measurement and goal setting in physiotherapy practice Jennifer Freeman 3. An analysis of normal movement as the basis for the development of treatment Susan Edwards 4. Neuropsychological problems and solutions Dawn Wendy Langdon 5. Abnormal tone and movement as a result of neurological impairment: considerations for treatment Susan Edwards 6. General principles of treatment Philippa Carter and Susan Edwards 7. Drug treatment of neurological disability Alan J Thompson 8. Case histories Susan Edwards 9. Posture management and special seating Pauline Pope 10. Splinting and the use of orthoses in the management of patients with neurological disorders Susan Edwards 11. Longer-term management for patients with residual or progressive disability Susan Edwards 12. The way forward Cecily Partridge Index


Susan Edwards is held in high esteem in the international field of neurological rehabilitation. In compiling and editing Neurological Physiotherapy she has allowed the therapist new to the field to benefit from the extensive clinical expertise and knowledge of herself and her colleagues. Their book will provide invaluable help and guidance to all physiotherapists, both students andpractitioners, as well as to the other health professionals working in this challenging area of rehabilitation.
Sue Edwards is well known internationally as an expert in the field of neurorehabilitation and particularly in the Bobath approach to physio neurorehab. She had been the head physio at lLeading UK hospital in the field for a number of years. She now acts asa freelance consultant advisor to the hospital and also works as a private practitioner and as an expert medico-legal witness.


"For those daunted by, disillusioned with or doubtful about an evidence based approach to practice this excellent book provides a refreshing approach to neurological physiotherapy. This is an essential purchase for all physiotherapy departments and should be considered a core text for students. This book provides an excellent baseline from which to acquire the knowledge and skills to work with patients with neurological impairments and disabilities ." "Ms Amanda Connell, MSc, MCSP, MISCP Senior Community Physiotherapist, Cork, Ireland.", Physiotherapy Ireland Volume 23, No. 1, June 2002, Journal of the Irish Society of Chartered Physi, June 2002
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