GCSE Modern World History

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Provide complete support for your GCSE Modern World History candidates with best-selling books and digital resources from an author you can really trust. GCSE Modern World History is the leading textbook for GCSE and IGCSE Modern World History courses. The core content of the Modern World History specifications is comprehensively covered through lucid explanation and carefully selected source material. The most popular option units and depth studies are covered in sufficient detail to make separate purchase of topic books unnecessary. Questions, activities and Focus Tasks are provided throughout to: - deepen understanding of the content- develop evaluative and investigative skills- help students become more independent learners- support exam preparation. The accompanying Teacher's Resource Book includes structured support for every major task in the Student's Book. This book is also available as an enhanced eLearning Edition on CD which offers every element of the Student's Book for use on interactive whiteboards and school networks. 1. The First World War 9780719579738 2. The USSR, Germany and the USA between the Wars 9780719579745 3. Co-operation and Conflict 1919-1945 9780719579721 4. International Relations 1945-1990 9780719579752


1 The causes of the First World War 2 Britain and the First World War: 1914-1918 3 British depth study 1906-1918 4 The peace treaties after the First World War 5 Russia and the USSR 1905-1941 6 Germany 1918-1945 7 The USA 1919-1941 8 The League of Nations 9 Causes of the Second World War 10 The world at war 1939-1945 11 The beginnings of the Cold War: 1945-1949 12 The Cold War 1950-1975 13 The USA 1941-1980 14 Eastern Europe and the Cold War 1948-1989


Ben Walsh is an experienced GCSE history teacher, a senior examiner with a major examination board a best-selling author and a celebrated expert in the use of digital technology in history teaching. As well as writing best selling books for GCSE Modern World History he has been the key developer of the highly praised Learning Curve online exhibitions for the National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) and he has blazed a trail in the use of digital video archives in the teaching of GCSE history winning a 2008 BETT award.
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