The Language War

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August 2001



The pioneering author of Language and Women's Place and Talking Power brings sociolinguistics to the family room with an entertaining analysis of the language battles taking place on our tv screens every night.


Robin Lakoff is Professor of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, and the author of Talking Power: The Politics of Language in Our Lives (1990), Face Value: The Politics of Beauty (1984), and Language and Woman's Place (1975).


"To say simply that Lakoff is a linguist is like calling the Alps just another mountain range. In The Language War, she brilliantly applies her understanding of how language works to the major political battles of the past decade." - San Francisco Chronicle Book Review "An intellectually stimulating probe of the nuances of social, cultural and political infighting among people who think they speak the same language." - Meta G. Carstarphen, Dallas Morning News "Provocative analysis." - Mary Carroll, Booklist "A provocative collection of essays." - Paula Friedman, San Diego Union-Tribune "Lakoff is excellent on sexism in the job market." - Raphael Salkie, The Times Higher Education Supplement "Robin Lakoff is a national treasure. She is one of the most astute and knowledgeable linguists in the country (indeed, in the world), and one of the few who turns her analytic eye to the role of language in popular and political culture. It was she who pioneered the field of gender and language. She is poised to be recognized among the general reading public as she has long been recognized in the field of linguistics." - Deborah Tannen, author of You Just Don't Understand and The Argument Culture "An excellent book. Robin Lakoff shows that if we do not understand how language is put to work in our world, we cannot understand our world, nor live in it effectively." - John Fiske, author of Media Matters "In a series of provocative, dazzlingly argued essays, Lakoff charts how the media's use of language shapes both public attitudes and social policies on current events.... Witty and illuminating, Lakoff's analysis is an important addition to both linguistic and political studies." - Publishers Weekly, starred review
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