The Fate of Knowledge

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November 2001



"Longino's integrative account of knowledge represents a significant advance in our understanding of the interaction of the cognitive and the social dimensions of knowledge. It is a substantial contribution--the most thoughtful and sophisticated attempt thus far."--Richard Grandy, Rice University
"This is the first compelling diagnosis of what has gone awry in the raging 'science wars.' Rising above both sides to see what each can contribute, it presents a powerful constructive account of how to overcome the dichotomy between those who see science as rational and those who see it as the product of social forces. It offers a novel account of knowledge that accommodates the concerns of both philosophers and sociologists. Finally, it contributes to the development of pluralistic theories of science by demonstrating the varieties of pluralism exhibited by actual instances of scientific theorizing."--Elizabeth Anderson, University of Michigan


Preface and Acknowledgments ix Chapter One: Introduction: The Rational-Social Dichotomy 1 Chapter Two: Taking Social Studies of Science Seriously 11 Chapter Three: The Philosophers Respond 42 Chapter Four: Disassembling the Rational-Social Dichotomy 77 Chapter Five: Socializing Cognition 97 Chapter Six: Socializing Knowledge 124 Chapter Seven: Clarifications and Responses 145 Chapter Eight: Pluralism and Local Epistemolgies 175 Chapter Nine: Conclusion 203 References 215 Index 227


Helen E. Longino is Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies at the University of Minnesota, where she is also a Member of the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science. She is the author of Science as Social Knowledge (Princeton).


Winner of the 2002 Robert K. Merton Professional Award "An interesting and important book by the one of the most important philosophers engaged in the debates about the rational and the social in science."--K. Brad Wray, Philosophy in Review
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