Cambridge Companion to Writing of the English Revolution

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September 2001



A Companion to the writing produced by the English Revolution, with supporting chronology and guide to further reading.


List of illustrations; List of contributors; Chronologies; List of abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Contexts: 1. The causes and course of the British Civil Wars John Morrill; 2. Ideas in conflict: political and religious thought during the English Revolution Martin Dzelzainis; 3. Texts in conflict: the press and the Civil War Sharon Achinstein; Part II. Radical Voices: 4. Radical pamphleteering Thomas N. Corns; 5. Milton's prose David Loewenstein; 6. Andrew Marvell and the Revolution Annabel Patterson; 7. Women's poetry Susan Wiseman; 8. Women's histories Helen Wilcox and Sheila Ottway; 9. Prophecy, enthusiasm and female pamphleteers Elaine Hobby; 10. Royalist lyric Alan Rudrum; 11. Prayer-book devotion: the literature of the proscribed Church of England Isabel Rivers; 12. Royalist epic and romance Paul Salzman; 13. The English revolution and historiography David Norbrook; 14. Paradise Lost from Civil War to Restoration Nigel Smith; 15. Bunyan and the holy war Richard L. Greaves; Historical glossary.


"Collectively, these essays represent revisionist history at its best, because the innovative views their authors expound challenge previous assumptions and point to future lines of inquiry...Very highly recommended for upper-division undergraduates through faculty." CHOICE "The standard of these essyas is impeccable, and they fit together to yield a satisfying whole." Renaissance Quarterly "This book ably demonstrates the range of literary forms during the mid-seventeenth century, from the ephemeral to the canonical, and from the published to the unpublished." Seventeenth Century News "All in all, this is a useful volume." Albion
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