Economic Concepts for the Social Sciences

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Oktober 2010



This book accessibly surveys the conceptual advances in economics for a broad social sciences audience.


1. Economics without apology; 2. Back to the future; 3. In another's shoes: games, strategies, and economics; 4. It takes two or more: public economics and collective action; 5. Government for the politician? Public and social choice; 6. Institutions matter: the new institutional economics; 7. Knowledge is power: the new institutional economics; 8. Everything ties together: general equilibrium; 9. Laboratory economics: of rats and men; 10. Before yesterday and beyond tomorrow: intergenerational economics; 11. Fish, space, and spaceship earth: bioeconomics and interdisciplinary economics; 12. Crystal ball economics: rational expectations; 13. How do we get there from here?: transitional economies and policy reforms; 14. Economic growth: endogeneity, institutions and other concepts; 15. Economic visions for future horizons.


"Sandler provides a technical yet readable guide for noneconomists, although the stylized stories receive more space than the real world applications... Sandler's approach is balanced, including a less-than-optimistic appraisal of the future impact of economic theory in which he specializes." Choice
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