Newton to Einstein

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This undergraduate text takes the non-science student from Newton's particles to Einstein's relativity.


Preface; 1. How light behaves; 2. Newton's particle theory; 3. A wave theory of light; 4. Interference; 5. Electromagnetic waves; 6. The photon; 7. The wave-particle duality; 8. Does the speed of light depend on the motion of the source of light?; 9. The principles of the Special Theory of Relativity; 10. Time dilation and length contraction; 11. E=mc2; 12. The twins; 13. The Lorentz transformations; 14. Space and time; Glossary; Appendices; Index.


RALPH BAIERLEIN received his PhD from Princeton University; his thirty seven years of classroom teaching were spent at Harvard and at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. He has published papers in astrophysics, cosmology and relativity theory. For eight years he served as book review editor of the American Journal of Physics, and has written many papers related to the teaching of physics. In 1996 he was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society.


' ... I find Baierlein's approach highly congenial. Indeed I expect that some of the fascinating stories I learned from him and, more importantly, some of the excellent tricks he has taught me (particularly several neat and simple gedanken experiments that lead to relativistic momentum) will make my own course very much better. I can offer no higher praise. N. David Mermin, American Journal of Physics 'The exposition is absolutely sound and lucid. The discussion is never allowed to get too abstract, being filled with fine descriptions of modern experimental demonstrations of the fundamental relativistic effects. I could quite happily teach a course from this book, and I can recommend it warmly.' American Journal of Physics 'The book has many excellent features ... includes some recent and quite interesting experiments not found in other textbooks ... This is a fine textbook that should give students a real 'feel' for what physics is and how it progresses ... It also makes these topics, which are inherently difficult, as easy as possible for students to grasp.' Joseph F. Mulligan, JCST 'Although written for classroom use, an excellent introduction to some of the important ideas of modern physics that should be both interesting and accessible to the proverbial intelligent general reader ... Highly recommended for all college and university libraries.' K. L. Schick, Choice '... a pleasure ... it is a must for every library.' Peter Borcherds, European Journal of Physics 'This undergraduate text is an excellent introduction to some of the important ideas of modern physics that should be both interesting and accessible also to the general reader.' GLASS Science and Technology
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