Understanding Philosophy of Science

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Dezember 2001



Without scientific theory, the technology developments of recent years would not have been possible. In this exceptionally clear and engaging introduction to philosophy of science, James Ladyman explores the scope of natural science and its implications for human life. With the focus firmly upon realism, he discusses how fundamental philosophical questions can be answered by science and how scientific theory can confirm and inform our basic and intrinsic knowledge.


I. The Scientific Method1. Induction and Inductivism
2. The Problem of Induction and other Problems with Inductivism
3. Falsificationism
4. Revolutions and RationalityII. Realism and Antirealism about Science5. Scientific Realism
6. Underdetermination
7. Explanation and Inference to the Best Explanation 8. Realism about What?Glossary


James Ladyman is Senior Lecturer in philosophy at the University of Bristol


An excellent introduction to philosophy of science that can be recommended as a starting point to the general reader... The writing is exceptionally clear and the text is enlivened by periodic snippets of dialogue between enthusiastic science lover Alice and her more sceptical friend Thomas.
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