Learning Wireless Java

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Learning Wireless Java is for Java developers who want to quickly come up to speed and create applications for the Micro Edition audience. This book covers the Connected, Limited Device Configuration and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), both currently available from Javasoft. The CLDC contains APIs for small devices that are constrained by both memory and processing power. MIDP builds on top of the CLDC and adds APIs specifically for devices such as mobile phones and pagers, allowing programmers to create MIDlet applications.

This book offers a solid introduction to J2ME and MIDP, including an explanation of the J2ME Wireless Toolkit, the MIDlet lifecycle methods, the Java application manager, and the CLDC and MIDP constraints. In addition, we cover the javax.microedition.io, javax.microedition.rms, javax.microedition.lcdui, and javax.microedition.midlet classes, as well as the modified java.lang, java.io, and java.util classes. Discussion centers around building safe, compact applications with the sophisticated graphical interface, database, and networking capabilities that the J2ME supports. In addition, this book also shows you how to download your applications to the latest J2ME-enabled devices, including the Motorola i50x and i85s phones and upgraded Palm handhelds.


Part I Introducing Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME): overview of J2ME; what is J2ME?; downloading the J2ME wireless toolkit; a simple example; the connected limited device configuration (CLDC); examining the CLDC in detail; using the standalone CLDC and KVM; CLDC next generation; the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP); Mobile Information Devices; more about MIDlets. Part II Programming with the CLDC and the MIDP: working with MIDlets; the application manager; creating MIDlets; MIDP GUI programming; why not reuse the AWT?; the MIDP GUI APIs; the high-level MIDP APIs; creating low-level GUI components; MIDP events; screen navigation; handling low-level events; networking; generic connections; MIDP connectivity; the HTTP programming model; invoking remote applications from MIDlets; wireless session tracking; MIDlet networking security; database programming; the record management system; programming with the RMS ; the MIDP for Palm OS; installing the MIDP for Palm OS on the Windows platform; developing new applications; PRC command-line conversion; advanced Java applications; a final thought. Part III API quick reference: the Java.io package; the Java.lang package; the Java.util package; the Javax.microedition.io package; the Javax.microedition.lcdui package; the Javax.microedition.midlet package; the Javax.microedition.rms package; resources.


Qusay H. Mahmoud is an independent contractor for Sun Microsystems. He has
written several articles for the Java Developer Connection that cover
J2ME, including the MIDP and the CLDC APIs. He has also presented
tutorials on developing wireless applications at a number of international
conferences worldwide. He is the author of Learning Wireless Java (O'Reilly), and Distributed Programming with Java
(Manning Publications).
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