Kierkegaard: A Very Short Introduction

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Februar 2002



Scholars have largely misunderstood Soren Kierkegaard, remembering him chiefly in connection with the development of existentialist philosophy in this century. In a short and unhappy life, he wrote many books and articles on literary, satirical, religious and psychological themes, but the diversity and idiosyncratic style of his writing have contributed to a misunderstanding of his ideas. In this book--the only introduction to the full range of Kierkegaard's thought--Patrick Gardiner demonstrates how Kierkegaard developed his ideas and examines his thoughts in light of the doctrines on society developed by his contemporaries Marx and Feuerbach. Finally, he assesses the profound importance of Kierkegaard's ideas on the development of modern ways of thinking.


1. Life and character ;
2. Philosophical background ;
3. The immorality of an age ;
4. Modes of existence ;
5. Truth and subjectivity ;
6. Freedom and the self ;
7. Conclusion


Patrick Gardiner was formerly an Emeritus Professor of Magdalen College, Oxford


Gardiner's text continues to offer an excellent and beautifully written introduction. The Interuniversity Kierkegaard Research Group, Tijdschrift Voor Filosofie
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