The Dynamics of Coercion

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Februar 2002



This book examines why some attempts to strong-arm an adversary work while others do not.


1. Introduction; Part I. Coercive Strategy Making: 2. The theory of coercion; 3. Coercive Mechanisms; 4. Coercive instruments; Part II. The Context of Coercion Today: 5. Domestic politics and coercion; 6. Coercion and coalitions; 7. Humanitarian coercion and non-state actors; 8. Weapons of mass destruction and US coercion; Part III. The Future of US Coercion.


'Anyone wanting to know why the exercise of US power often doesn't work must read Byman and Waxman's excellent The Dynamics of Coercion; its analysis of US domestic politics and foreign coercion (in coalitions in particular) is clear, coherent and full of good sense.' The Guardian '... this carefully researched and well-argued work will be of great interest to those concerned with the realities and specific challenges of post-Cold War UK foreign policy implementation.' Journal of Peace Research
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