Codes and Ciphers

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A close look at the codes and ciphers used by private individuals, spies, governments and industry throughout history.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. From Julius Caesar to simple substitution; 3. Polyalphabetic systems; 4. Jigsaw ciphers; 5. Two-letter ciphers; 6. Codes; 7. Ciphers for spies; 8. Producing random numbers and letters; 9. The Enigma cipher machine; 10. The Hagelin cipher machine; 11. Beyond the Enigma; 12. Public key cryptography; 13. Encipherment and the internet; Appendix; Solutions to problems; References; Name index; Subject index.


Robert Churchhouse is Emeritus Professor of Computing Mathematics at Cardiff University and has lectured widely on mathematics and cryptanalysis at more than 50 Universities and Institutes throughout the the world. He is also the co-author of books on computers in mathematics, computers in literary and linguistic research, and numerical analysis.


'... written in a lively and amusing style but not at the expense of mathematical rigour.' European Mathematical Society 'A fascinating account, which should appeal to a wide readership.' Mathematika '... written in a lively and amusing style ...' EMS Newsletter 'The mathematics is well within the grasp of a cultured A level mathematician and for those to whom the book is addressed, it can be recommended.' The Mathematical Gazette
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Untertitel: Julius Caesar, the Enigma and the Internet. 7 colour plates, references. Sprache: Englisch.
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