Building Linux Virtual Private Networks

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Februar 2002



Meets the growing demands of de-centralized companies that need a secure and functional network using Linux.
  • The only book available that extensively covers the combination of VPN technology and Linux!
  • Teaches first hand how to build various VPN solutions with individual setup guides.
  • Authors backgrounds include experience in both the corporate and education sector.
Building Linux Virtual Private Networks provides detailed descriptions, analysis, and setup for VPN tunneling solutions. Specifically, each of the following most popular VPN solutions are covered: PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, Free S/Wan, and SSH1. In addition, there are detailed explanations of the related security concerns to be aware of and their preventative measures, future avenues and current development in the VPN market, and much more! Anne Carasik is a Principal Consultant at SSH Communication Security which develops IPSec, PKI, and Secure applications. She works with customers and development teams with IPSec and Secure Shell products. Her previous experience includes network and system security at Verisign, and network security consulting at International Network Services and Hewlett Packard. Brian Hatch is Chief Hacker at Onsight, Inc. where he is a Unix/Linux and network security consultant. He is also co-maintainer of Stunnel, an Open Source secure SSL wrapper used around the world to encrypt clear text protocols. Oleg Kolesnikov presently works at the Berkeley National Laboratory doing research in distributed security, digital certificates, and wireless networks.


I. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS. 1. Introduction to VPNs. 2. VPN Fundamentals. II. IMPLEMENTING STANDARD VPN PROTOCOLS. 3. Building a VPN with SSH and PPP. 4. Building a VPN with SSL/TLS and PPP. 5. IPSec. 6. FreeS/WAN. 7. PPTP. III. IMPLEMENTING NONSTANDARD VPN PROTOCOLS. 8. VTun. 9. cIPe. 10. tinc. IV. APPENDICES. A. Commercial Solutions. B. Selecting a Cipher. C. Glossary.


Oleg Kolesnikov received his B.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been doing research in information security at Georgia Tech and the Berkeley Lab, focusing on network security, cryptography, and secure protocols. Brian Hatch is chief hacker at Onsight, Inc. He is the lead author of the bestselling book Hacking Linux Exposed (McGraw Hill) and is the co-maintainer of Stunnel, an open source, secure SSL wrapper used around the world to encrypt cleartext protocols.
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