Abstract Art in the Late Twentieth Century

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Januar 2002



Essays that trace the critical issues surrounding abstract painting's contribution to modern art.


Introduction; 1. Four abstract Classicists Jules Langsner; 2. Literalism and abstraction: Frank Stella's retrospective at the Modern Philip Leider; 3. Serial imagery John Coplans; 4. The silent art Lucy R. Lippard; 5. After the ultimate Gregoire Muller; 6. Marden, Novros, Rothko: painting in the age of actuality Sheldon Nodelman; 7. The end of a painting Douglas Crimp; 8. Signs taken for wonders Hal Foster; 9. The current state of nonrepresentation Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe; 10. The abstract self-object Donald Kuspit; 11. Once removed from what? David Pagel; 12. Systems of opinion: abstract painting since 1959 Frances Colpitt.


'Absorbing and illuminating collection of essays - should appeal to all scholars of contemporary art.' de Arte
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