The Stars Down to Earth

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In this remarkable work written 50 years ago, Adorno showcases the dangers inherent in modern obsessions with consumption.


Introduction: Adorno and Authoritarian Irrationalisation 1.The Stars Down to Earth: The Los Angeles Times Astrology Column 2.Theses Against Occultism 3.Research Project on Anti-Semitism: Idea of the Project 4. Anti-Semitism and Fascist Propaganda


Theodor Adorno (1903 - 1969). German philosopher who was a leading member of the Frankfurt School. Adorno led an influential attack on the "culture industry" prevalent in contemporary capitalist society.


'There is no question of the contemporary importance and relevance of these essays. T. W. Adorno is one of the great critics of the role of irrational authoritarianism in contemporary society.' Douglas Kellner 'This collection demonstrates the continuing relevance of Adorno's work to the analysis and understanding of modern times. A brilliant contribution to the sociology of racism, anti-Semitism and popular culture.' - Bryan S. Turner, co-editor, The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology 'Theodor Adorno returns from the grave to deliver this timely warning about the dangers of superstition.' Review
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