Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis

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This book is an extensively revised edition of a highly successful and comprehensive introductory manual for the use of clinical hypnosis in the treatment of medical and psychological problems and disorders. Written with the interests and needs of the doctor or dentist in mind, its practical and clear approach maintains the tradition of high-quality information and usefulness established in previous editions of this book. After exploring the theoretical and historical background to hypnosis as well as key techniques and approaches, the book looks at specific clinical situations and problems in which hypnosis may have an impact, and offers specific practical management guidelines including possible scripts.


Section 1:The history and nature of hypnosis - Overview of the history of hypnosis. The nature of hypnosis: suggestion and trance. Hypnotic susceptibility and its measurement . Theories of hypnosis Section 2: Basic procedures in clinical hypnosis - Preparation for clinical hypnosis. Hypnotic induction and deepening procedures: first approach. Hypnotic induction and deepening procedures: second approach. Further ethical matters and precautions during the preparation phase of hypnosis. Self-hypnosis. Variations in style: permissive, indirect and alert approaches . Suggestion, posthypnotic suggestion and ego-strengthening in therapy. Behavioural techniques for self-control. Metaphor and story technique. Basic procedures with children Section 3: The application of hypnotic procedures in psychological therapy - Orientation to the psychotherapies and the concept of a 'working model'. Introduction to psychodynamic and humanistic approaches . Ericksonian approaches to psychotherapy. The unconscious mind and the repression of memories. Hypnotic procedures in psychodynamic therapy. Behaviour therapy and the application of hypnosis . Cognitive therapy: an introduction. An eclectic approach to psychotherapy augmented by hypnosis. Risks, precautions and contraindications Section 4: The applications of hypnosis to specific medical, dental and psychological problems - Hypnosis for smoking cessation, weight reduction and insomnia. Hypnosis in the treatment of psychosomatic problems. Hypnosis and pain. Hypnosis and cancer. Hypnosis in obstetrics and gynaecology. Hypnosis in dentistry. Hypnosis for anxiety disorders. Hypnosis in the treatment of miscellaneous psychological problems and disorders. Medical and psychological problems in children and adolescents Section 5: The professional practice of hypnosis - Evidence for the benefits and the adverse effects of hypnosis. Issues in professional practice Appendix I: Clinical hypnosis and memory Appendix II: Ethical guidelines of the international society of hypnosis Index


The authors set up and have taught the clinical hypnosis courses at the University of Sheffield (Dept of Psychiatry) and University College London (Dept of Psychology) since 1990, teaching GPs and psychiatrists as well as dentistsand psychologists. Therefore, they are uniquely well placed to be able to carry on the "medical and dental" tradition of Hartland (although Dr Heap is a psychologist - but he is a fellow of the RSM), which is seen as crucial, while understanding the interest of the other readers who have certainly bought and used this book is the current and previous editions.
In addition, Dr Heap is the current Editor of the journal "Contemporary Hypnosis" and has written and edited a number of books on hypnosis:
Gibson & Heap, Hypnosis in Therapy, 1991, Laurence Erlbaum Associates
Heap, Hypnosis Current Clinical, Experimental and Forensic Practices, Croom Helm 1988
Hawkins & Heap, Hypnosis in Europe, Whurr 1998
BothDrs Heap and Aravind are members of the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine section of the RSM, and Dr Heap is a recent past President of the British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis.
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