The Cambridge Companion to Emily Dickinson

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September 2002



Provides new perspectives on one of the most enigmatic and widely read American writers.


An Emily Dickinson chronology; Introduction Wendy Martin; Part I. Biography and Publication History: 1. The Emily Dickinson wars Betsy Erkkila; 2. Emily Dickinson and the American South Christopher Benfey; 3. Susan and Emily Dickinson: their lives, in letters Martha Nell Smith; Part II. Poetic Strategies and Themes: 4. Emily Dickinson and poetic strategy Wendy Barker; 5. Emily Dickinson's existential dramas Fred White; 6. Performances of gender in Dickinson's poetry Christianne Miller and Suzanne Juhasz; 7. Emily Dickinson and the body Shira Wolosky; 8. Emily Dickinson and the gothic in fascicle 16 Daneen Wardrop; Part III. Cultural Contexts: 9. Emily Dickinson and popular culture David Reynolds; 10. Emily Dickinson and class Domhnall Mitchell; 11. Emily Dickinson and her American women peer poets Paula Bennett.


Wendy Martin is Professor of American Literature and American Studies at the Claremont Graduate University.


'These 11 essays give an excellent introduction to the most perplexing questions about the reclusive poet.' ABES - Annotated Bibliography of English Studies
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