The Causes of the English Revolution

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November 2001



Dividing the nation and causing massive political change, the English Civil War remains one of the most decisive and dramatic conflicts of English history. "The Causes of the English Revolution" examines the factors leading up to the deposition of Charles I in 1642 and analyses the crisis of confidence at the root of his demise. In this seminal work, Lawrence Stone explores theories of revolution and traces the social and economic change that led to this period of instability. Now with a new introduction by John Brewer (author of "The Pleasures of" "the Imagination"), this classic text is essential reading for all those fascinated by the fraught battle for power between Charles I and Cromwell.


'Contains much the best all-round analysis of the causes of the English Revolution that we have. It synthesizes and makes sense of the research of a whole generation of scholars. It is packed not only with judicious and well-founded generalizations but also with stimulating ideas, expressed with verve and wit.' - Times Literary Supplement
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