The All-Mountain Skier

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""Covers more information than a week's worth of private lessons.""--"Ski "magazine
"The All-Mountain Skier "helps skiers advance their skills with a foolproof, self-instructional program for mastering advanced techniques in even the most challenging conditions. Drawing from his extensive experience as a ski professional, instructor Mark Elling delivers essential advice and information--including tips from other expert skiers--to help readers perform like pros.


Preface to the Second EditionAcknowledgmentsI. IntroductionII. Creating a Toolbox1. Stance2. Steering3. Outside Ski Dominance4. The Footwork Blend5. Edging: Getting on Them, Getting off Them6. Pressure Control7. Body Mass Movement8. Turn Size and Shape9. Using Your PolesIII. You CAN Blame It on Your Gear! Sometimes10. Skis11. Boots12. Poles and Bindings13. AlignmentIV. Getting Tough: Advanced Situations14. Carving15. Powder16. Crud17. Bumps18. Steeps19. TreesV. Getting TechnoAppendix: Additional ResourcesIndex


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"Covers more information than a week's worth of private lessons." - Ski Magazine
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