Nineteenth Century Britain

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November 2002



The nineetenth century was a period of striking developments, and subject to a great pressure of change. This process of change is the primary focus of the book. Organised into a series of thematic chapters, Black and MacRaild's wide-ranging text offers the reader an analysis of numerous spheres of human history: politics, empire and warfare; economy, society and population; religion and culture. The book also offers considered treatment of Scotland, Wales and Ireland, with a truly British (as opposed to English) perspective maintained throughout. With numerous illustrations, helpful explanatory tables, boxes and textual inserts, as well as a list of further reading with each chapter, Ninteetenth Century Britain is an excellent introductory text book for students of this most vital period in British history.


Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Chronology.- The Eighteenth-Century Background.- The Industrial Revolution (I): 1750-1850.- The Industrial Revolution (II): 1850-1914.- Transport and Communications.- Population and Migration.- Living Space.- People.- The Political World to 1851.- The Political World after 1851.- Ireland and the Irish Question.- Scotland and Wales.- Britain and the Wider World I.- Britain and the Wider World II.- Women.- Morality, Sexuality and Victorian Values.- Religion and Belief.- Cultural Trends.- Postscript: Into the Twentieth Century.- Conclusions.


Jeremy Black and Donald M. MacRaild
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