Martial Arts for Dummies

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' Essential in helping the reader get started in martial arts.' - Grandmaster Woo Jin Jung, Tae Kwon Do Academy Improve your physical fitness, reduce stress, and build character ' Offers useful information for both the martial artist wannabe and the black belt.' - Carol Davis Hart, Managing Editor, Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine Do you dream of earning a black belt? This high-kicking guide is chock-full of tips to help you get started in martial arts and brush up techniques in Karate, Kung-Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, T' ai Chi, and more! You' ll discover how to find the right school, condition your body, and develop focus and discipline. Praise for Martial Arts For Dummies ' Martial Arts For Dummies is an entertaining, informative, and inspiring book that will build your confidence before entering the training hall.' - Martina Sprague, author of Fighting Science


Introduction; Part I: Martial Arts Essentials; Chapter 1: Better than a Barroom Brawl; Chapter 2: Martial Arts Culture; Chapter 3: Choosing a Style; Chapter 4: Choosing a School or Instructor; Chapter 5: Go Get 'Em: Goals and Ranking Systems; Chapter 6: Clothes, Shoes, and Equipment; Chapter 7: Playing It Safe and Avoiding Injury; Part II: Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk; Chapter 8: Getting the Most from Your Training; Chapter 9: Protecting Yourself: Self-Defense Details; Chapter 10: Preparing for Competition without Losing Your Head (Literally); Chapter 11: Working the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection; Chapter 12: Just Like in the Movies: The Lowdown on Weapons; Chapter 13: Using Martial Arts Outside of Class; Part III: Styles, Techniques, and Tactics: An Up-Close Look; Chapter 14: Karate; Chapter 15: Kung Fu; Chapter 16: Tae Kwon Do; Chapter 17: Judo; Chapter 18: Aikido; Chapter 19: Escrima; Chapter 20: Hapkido; Chapter 21: Muay Thai; Chapter 22: Jeet Kune Do and Eclectic Martial Arts; Chapter 23: T'ai Chi Chuan; Part IV: The Part of Tens; Chapter 24: Ten Rules for the Martial Arts Classroom; Chapter 25: Ten Qualities a Good Instructor Must Have; Chapter 26: Ten Tips from the Master; Chapter 27: Ten Cool Martial Arts Movies; Part V: Appendixes; Appendix A: Glossary; Appendix B: Sources and Resources; Index.


Jennifer Lawler has been a Tae Kwon Do tournament competitor for almost ten years and a judge and referee since 1994. She is a member of the Author's Guild and the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association.
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