Understanding Unix/Linux Programming: A Guide to Theory and Practice

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Dezember 2002



This book explains in a clear and coherent manner how Unix works, how to understand existing Unix programs, and how to design and create new Unix programs. The book is organized by subsystem, each presented in visual terms and explained using vivid metaphors. It breaks the information into manageable parts that can be presented, explained, and mastered. By using case studies and an extremely reader-friendly manner to illustrate complex ideas and concepts, the book covers the basics of systems programming, users, files and manuals, how to read a directory, using 1S, writing PWD, studying STTY, writing a video game, studying SH, environment and shell variables, I/O redirection and pipes, servers and sockets, writing a web server, license servers, and concurrent functions. For Unix system administrators and programmers, network programmers, and others who have used other operating systems and need to learn Unix programming to expand their skill sets.


(NOTE: Each chapter includes a section stating its objectives and a summary.) 1. Unix Systems Programming: The Big Picture. 2. Users, Files, and the Manual: Who Is First. 3. Directories and File Properties: Looking through ls. 4. Focus on File Systems: Writing pwd. 5. Connection Control: Studying stty. 6. Programming for Humans: Terminal Control and Signals. 7. Event-Driven Programming: Writing a Video Game. 8. Processes and Programs: Studying sh. 9. A Programmable Shell: Shell Variables and the Environment. 10. I/O Redirection and Pipes. 11. Connecting to Processes Near and Far: Servers and Sockets. 12. Connections and Protocols: Writing a Web Server. 13. Programming with Datagrams: A License Server. 14. Threads: Concurrent Functions. 15. IPC Roundup: Can We Talk?


Bruce Molay, an award-winning teacher at Harvard and an independent software developer for over two decades, has combined his two passions of masterly teaching and Unix programming in this book.


"The material covered goes to the right depth to allow students to understand the UNIX operating system to program it. I wish a book of this calibre was available during my graduate studies as it would have helped me tremendously in learning to program the UNIX system." - Sam R. Thangiah, Slippery Rock University "This text is one of the most accurate and articulate that I have read. It is easily readable." - Lawrence B. Wells, Dallas County Community College
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