European Culture Since 1848

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Oktober 2001



Emerging from the growing convergence of intellectual and social history as well as the new interdisciplinary field of cultural studies, European Culture Since 1848 is the first book designed for undergraduate students which offers a thematic survey of modern European culture and synthesizes new directions and interpretive debates. Winders explores the themes in clear and accessible language, making the book indispensable for use in courses in intellectual/cultural history and in the humanities more generally. This book fills a longstanding need for a wide-ranging thematic study of modern European cultural history, including popular culture, with long-overdue emphasis on the second half of the twentieth century.


Introduction Background to 1848: Legacies of a Revolutionary Age The Growth of Literacy and the Popular Press The Reorganization of Knowledge and the New Human Sciences Gender, Labor, and Challenges to Bourgeois Ideology 1848-1870: Crucible of Modern European Culture The Prestige of Science and Its Cultural Impact, 1850-1900 Culture, Race, and Empire, 1848-1885 Fin-de-siecle European Culture, 1885-1914 European Culture in Crisis, 1914-1945 Evolution of Modern Mass Culture, 1930-1980 The End of the 'Modern?': European Culture 1945-1970 'Postmodern' European Culture since 1970 Photography and Modern Visual Culture Western Europe and Global Popular Culture in the Late 20th Century


James A. Winders


'Clear, concise and accessible.' - Katharina Rowold, London Guildhall University
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