Globalization and the Politics of Resistance

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April 2000



The paradox of 'globalization' is that it both weakens and activates social forces of resistance. This book establishes the centrality of 'the political' in our understanding of globalization and explores the new 'strategies of resistance' emerging on local, national, regional and global scales. Its impressively wide-ranging set of contributors engage in re-thinking what practices now constitute viable political strategies in the world economy, focusing on popular responses to neoliberal globalization and the rearticulation of society, politics and the state.


List of Tables and Figures Foreword: The Social Left and the Market System;
J.K.Galbraith Acknowledgements List of Acronyms Notes on the Contributors PART I: GLOBALIZATION AND RESISTANCE: THINKING THROUGH POLITICS Introduction: Globalization and the Politics of Resistance;
B.K.Gills Overturning 'Globalization': Resisting Teleology, Reclaiming Politics;
L.Amoore, R.Dodgson, B.K.Gills, P.Langley, D.Marshall &
I.Watson Conceptualizing Resistance to Globalism;
J.Mittleman &
C.Chin Resisting 'Globalization-From-Above' Through 'Globalization-From-Below';
R.Falk Globalization versus Community: Stakeholding, Communitarianism and the Challenge of Globalization;
R.J.B.Jones Globalization and Democratic Provisionism;
R.Latham Rearticulation of the State in a Globalizing World Economy;
J.A.Hart &
A.Prakash False Prophets and the Politics of the Retreat of the State;
I.R.Douglas PART II: STRATEGIES OF RESISTANCE: FROM THE LOCAL TO THE GLOBAL Social Movements, Local Places and Globalized Spaces: Implications for 'Globalization from Below';
P.Waterman From National Resistance to International Labor Politics;
D.Stevis &
T.Boswell Globalization and American Common Sense: Struggling to Make Sense of a Post-Hegemonic World;
M.Rupert Globalization and Emancipation: From Local Empowerment to Global Reform;
J.N.Pieterse 'Corporate Welfare' Campaigns in North America;
K.P.Thomas Neoliberal Globalization, Social Welfare and Trade Unions in Southeast Asia;
J.D.Schmidt Globalization, Islam, and Resistance;
M.K.Pasha Mexico, Neoliberal Restructuring and the EZLN: A Neo-Gramscian Analysis;
A.D.Morton Globalization and Local Resistance: The Case of Shell versus the Ogoni;
C.I.Obi Structural Adjustment and the Response of Civil Society in Bangladesh and Zimbabwe: A Comparative Analysis;
S.J.MacLean, F.Quadir &
T.M.Shaw Index


Edited By Barry K. Gills


'No subject could be more important for the new century than popular resistance to globalization. This groundbreaking book marries theory and practice, tackling the problem head-on, with both realism and political imagination.' - Susan George 'Both world globalization and the complex reality are intelligently contested in this fascinating volume of studies of contemporary resistance. This is the sort of analysis that can bring the squabbling family of antisystemic movements together in a common struggle for a democratic and collectively rational global commonwealth.' - Christopher Chase-Dunn 'An impressive array of contributors. It is both timely and important that these essays should reach a wider audience. Globalization badly needs to be understood as something that can be contested. This volume gives insight into how this is already beginning to be done all over the world.' - Anthony J. Payne '...a useful contribution to the existing literature on the subject.' - Bhubhindar Singh, ASEAN Economic Bulletin '...the volume tackles various important issues about the process of globalization and the strategies of resistance in terms of both theory and practice. It is a useful contribution to the existing literature on the subject, especially when everyone is still trying to come to terms with the globalization phenomenon.' - ASEAN Economic Bulletin
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