The Cambridge Companion to Duns Scotus

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John Duns Scotus was one of the principal figures in medieval philosophy and theology.


Introduction: the life and works of John Duns the Scot Thomas Williams; 1. Scotus on metaphysics Peter King; 2. Space and time Neil Lewis; 3. Universals and individuation Timothy B. Noone; 4. Duns Scotus's modal theory Calvin G. Normore; 5. Duns Scotus's philosophy of language Dominik Perler; 6. Duns Scotus on natural theology James F. Ross and Todd Bates; 7. Duns Scotus on natural and supernatural knowledge of God William E. Mann; 8. Philosophy of mind Richard Cross; 9. Cognition Robert Pasnau; 10. Scotus's theory of natural law Hannes Mohle; 11. From metaethics to action theory Thomas Williams; 12. Rethinking moral dispositions: Scotus on the virtues Bonnie Kent.


' ... a stimulating addition to a distinguished series.' The Philosophical Quarterly 'This collection of essays surveys the full range of his thought ... It would be true to say that this is a unique overview of Scotus ... Librarians and students will find the comprehensive bibliography that concludes the volume invaluable.' Reference Reviews
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