Trading Up

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April 2003



A wickedly funny social satire from the author of "Sex & The City". There will be reviews in national press and women's magazines, and a massive marketing campaign. "A dark, pitiless world lit up by Bushnell's razor-sharp wit. Hugely entertaining" "Independent"


Candace Bushnell is the creator of SEX AND THE CITY and has been described by the EVENING STANDARD as a 'genius'. The OBSERVER compared her to Nancy Mitford and the SUNDAY TELEGRAPH to 'Jane Austen with a Martini.


The pace never flags and the plot twists remain compelling. The pithy elegance of her writing and the faultless ear for barbed chit-chat reminded me of Dorothy Parker SUNDAY TELEGRAPH A dark, pitiless world lit up by Bushnell's razor-sharp wit. INDEPENDENT There is something that sticks in the memory after TRADING UP is closed. Bushnell is so good at conveying the clenched teeth behind the most brilliant smile GUARDIAN Hugely entertaining, and littered with the astute observations that have become the writer's trademark INDEPENDENT
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