Goodbye Mog

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The final book in the "Mog" series from Judith Kerr, one of the best-known children's authors of the twentieth century. A fond farewell for the much-loved picture book moggie. Sales of the last "Mog" series stand at around 50,000 copies, and sales of the series at around 3,000,000 copies.


Judith Kerr escaped to England with her family in 1936, after fleeing Hitler's Germany. During the War she worked for the Red Cross before winning a scholarship to the Central School of Art and Crafts in 1945. She worked as an artist and as a BBC television scriptwriter, before becoming one of the best-loved children's authors of the twentieth century. Judith Kerr has written three novels about her childhood, including 'When Hilter Stole Pink Rabbit', and many picture books.


Wise, sometimes wistful but ultimately triumphant, this picture book really is something special. Judith Kerr's previous Mog stories have always hit the highest standards; this one is her best yet: clever, affectionately illustrated and totally life-affirming.' The Independent
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