The Appreciative Inquiry Summit - A Practioner's Guide for Leading Large-Group Change

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August 2003



The Appreciative Inquiry Summit bring all parties together not to analyze what's wrong with an organization but to discover its strengths; seek opportunities for change; design the changes into the organization's structure; and implement and sustain these changes. Written by four pioneers in the field, this book documents the tremendous successes of this approach as a proven program for organizational change, illustrated with real-life examples from companies and community groups.


Section I: Understanding the Appreciative Inquiry Summit;
Chapter 1: The Al Summit Process: Start to Finish;
Chapter 2: The Al Summit in Action: Twelve Case Examples;
Chapter 3: Why Al Summits Produce Results;
Chapter 4: Essential Conditions for Success;
Section II: Before the Summit;
Chapter 5: Sponsoring an Al Summit;
Chapter 6: Planning the Summit;
Chapter 7: Creating a Design for the Summit;
Section III: During the Summit;
Chapter 8: Facilitating the Summit;
Chapter 9: Discovery;
Chapter 10: Dream;
Chapter 11: Design;
Chapter 12: Destiny;
Section III: After the Summit;
Chapter 13: Summit Follow Up;
Chapter 14: Building the Appreciative Organization;
Chapter 15: Variations of a Four-Day Al Summit;
Section IV: Resources; Appendix 1: Sample Pre-Summit Planning Agenda; Appendix 2: Sample Summit Invitation Letter; Appendix 3: Logistics: Summit Sites, Room Set-Up, and Materials; Appendix 4: Sample Workbook


Dr. James D. Ludema is an internationally recognized organizational consultant and a founding owner of appreciative inquiry consulting, a global firm that includes the world's leading thinkers and practitioners of the appreciative enquiry.
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