Ethnoarchaeology in Action

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Ethnoarchaeology in Action is the first and only comprehensive study of ethnoarchaeology, the ethnographic study of living cultures from archaeological perspectives, and is designed for senior undergraduates and above in archaeology and anthropology. Its geographical coverage is global and the book includes relevant theory, practical advice regarding fieldwork, and complete topical coverage of the discipline. Critical discussions of varied case studies make this a very readable book. It is illustrated with numerous figures and photographs of many leading ethnoarchaeologists in action.


List of figures and credits; List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. Ethnoarchaeology: its nature, origins, and history; 2. Theorizing ethnoarchaeology and analogy; 3. Fieldwork and ethics; 4. Human residues: entering the archaeological context; 5. Fauna and subsistence; 6. Studying artifacts: functions, operating sequences, taxonomy; 7. Style and the marking of boundaries: contrasting regional studies; 8. Settlement: systems and patterns: 9. Site structures and activities; 10. Architecture; 11. Specialist craft production and apprenticeship; 12. Trade and exchange; 13. Mortuary practices, status, ideology, and systems of thought; 14. Conclusions: ethnoarchaeology in context; Bibliography; Index.


"This volume, coauthored by two authorities on ethnoarchaeology, is likely to be a reference work for many archaeologists hoping to stay abreast of developments within the subdiscipline. Crisply written..." Choice
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