The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy

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This wide-ranging introduction to the study of philosophy in the ancient world surveys the period's developments and evaluates a comprehensive series of major thinkers, ranging from Pythagoras to Epicurus. Tables, illustrations, and extensive advice on further reading contribute to an ideal book for survey courses on the history of ancient philosophy. It will be an invaluable guide for those interested in the philosophical thought of a rich and formative period.


Introduction David Sedley; 1. Argument in ancient philosophy Jonathan Barnes; 2. The Presocratics Malcolm Schofield; 3. The Sophists and Socrates Sarah Broadie; 4. Plato Christopher Rowe; 5. Aristotle John M. Cooper; 6. Hellenistic philosophy Jacques Brunschwig and David Sedley; 7. Roman philosophy A. A. Long; 8. Philosophy and literature Martha C. Nussbaum; 9. Late ancient philosophy Frans de Haas; 10. Philosophy and science R. J. Hankinson; 11. Philosophy and religion Glenn Most; 12. The legacy of ancient philosophy Jill Kraye.


David Sedley is Laurence Professor of Ancient Philosophy, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge. He is author of Hellenistic Philosophers, with A. A. Long (Cambridge, 1997) and Lucretius and the Transformation of Greek Wisdom (Cambridge, 1998).


'The companion ... does not only take the reader through the various philosophical schools, ranging from pre-Socratic to late roman philosophy, but also through their wider context, and it thus provides the reader with an account that is both comprehensive and thought-provoking ... it certainly illustrates a wide range of fascinating answers. Moreover, it does so in such a lucid and accessible manner, that not only the university student but also the eager pupil would benefit from certain chapters ... and his distinguished team of contributors should therefore be recommended on the marvellous way in which they once again facilitated the enlightenment initiated by the Greek and roman philosophers.' JACT '... without doubt the best basic introduction on the market ... Basic in the truest and best sense, this volume redefines Cambridge Companion-ship: this is where it all begins.' The Anglo-Hellenic Review 'David Sedley's volume adds to the prestigious series of Cambridge Companions a comprehensive introduction to Greek and Roman philosophy ... The list of contributors leads the reader to expect that the individual contributions will be first-class, and that expectation is not disappointed.' The British Journal for the History of Philosophy 'One of the strengths of the book is the way in which it manages to convey the big picture while managing to pay considerable attention to detail. ... The reader is always treated with respect and never patronised. Through apparently effortless erudition, contributors are able to map out their fields so that the major contours and landmarks can be clearly seen. ... A considerable amount of thought has evidently gone into the planning of the book, and it has been worth it. Because it has been designed as a handbook as well as an introduction, the Companion will be of interest and value to those familiar with the areas of Greek and Roman philosophy as well as to those approaching them for the first time. There is a great deal of material here and plenty to stimulate thought and discussion.' www.practical-philosophy.org.uk
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