Troublemaker: The Life and History of A.J.P Taylor

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Februar 2002



One of the most influential British historians of the twentieth century, A. J. P. Taylor was also the most popular, delivering history to a huge audience by means of legendary television lectures he gave live and unscripted. This engaging biography explores Taylor's activities as historian, Oxford don, broadcast journalist, husband, and friend during a brilliant life punctuated by success, failure, and frequent controversy.


Kathleen Burk is professor of modern and contemporary history at University College London.


"This book is a remarkable portrait of a remarkable man... No future historian can hope to explain Taylor's impact on his times better than Kathleen Burk has done." Raymond Carr, Literary Review "Taylor's contribution to the intellectual history of this century makes this account fascinating and valuable." Kirkus Reviews "This worthy book, with its balanced emphases on the professional and the personal, will please historians of every stripe." Publishers Weekly "This is a big book (in both senses of the term) and deserves a wide readership." Chris Wrigley, History Today "Burk... has managed to produce a biography that is fair and well judged. She comprehends both Taylor's resentments and the attitudes of his enemies... Above all, she conveys Taylor's distinction as a historian." Martin Walker, Wilson Quarterly
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