Basic Concepts for Simple and Complex Liquids

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August 2010



Presenting a unified approach, this book focuses on the theoretical concepts and methods necessary for understanding the physics and chemistry of the fluid state. Important ideas are presented concisely and illustrated with examples from simple molecular liquids and more complex soft condensed matter systems such as polymers, colloids, and liquid crystals.


1. An introduction to liquid matter; Part I. Thermodynamics, Structure and Fluctuations: 2. A reminder of thermodynamics; 3. Equilibrium fluctuations; Part II. Phase Transitions: 4. Mean field approaches; 5. Critical fluctuations and scaling; Part III. Interfaces and Inhomogeneous Fluids: 6. Macroscopic description of interfaces; 7. The density functional approach; 8. Curvature and fluctuations; Part IV. Dynamics: 9. Phenomenological description of transport processes; 10. Brownian motion, diffusion and the Langevin equation; 11. Response and correlation functions; 12. Slow relaxations.


"a concise, very well-written textbook by two experts in the field, should help fill this gap in the physics curriculum..."A wealth of material is covered in fewer than 300 pages. This textbook is the only one that I know of that succinctly tackles such a diverse set of topics and attempts to find common viewpoints and theoretical approximations...I enjoyed reading asic Concepts for Simple and Complex Liquids and have used it in my own research group to introduce students to new research areas and ideas. the authors should be commended for an impressive pedagogical achievement." Physics Today
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