After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order

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Februar 2004



Widely reviewed and critically praised, Emmanuel Todd's After the Empire predicts that the United States is forfeiting its superpower status as it moves away from traditional democratic values of egalitarianism and universalism, lives far beyond its means economically, and continues to anger foreign allies and enemies alike with its military and ideological policies. As America's global dominance evaporates, Todd foresees the emergence of a Eurasian alliance bringing together Europe, Russia, Japan, and the Arab-Islamic world.
Todd calmly and straightforwardly takes stock of many negative trends, including America's weakened commitment to the socio-economic integration of African Americans, a bulimic economy that increasingly relies on smoke and mirrors and the goodwill of foreign investors, and a foreign policy that squanders the country's reserves of "soft power" while its militaristic arsonist-fireman behavior is met with increasing resistance. Written by a demographer and historian who foresaw the collapse of the Soviet Union, this original and daring book cannot be ignored.


IntroductionThe Myth of Universal TerrorismDemocracy as A ThreatImperial DimensionsThe Fragility of TributeThe Movement Away from UniversalismConfront the Strong or Attack the Weak?The Return of RussiaThe Emancipation of EuropeConclusion: EndgameNotes


Emmanuel Todd. Foreword by Michael Lind Translated by C. Jon Delogu


"Todd is a brilliant provocateur. But if his book is sometimes depressing that is because it echoes many of our current concerns. After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order" -- Eugen Weber, The New Leader
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